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Up to 300 lbs. lighter than the OEM Sub Frame and suspension it replaces. This frame snout kit is designed to accept racing type strut front suspension with rack-and-pinion steering. Benefits include, improved header clearance provisions for engine relocation, and easy oil pan removal. The kit's upper strut mounts properly locate the front shocks. Our one-piece motor plates (sold separately) tie in the shocks for improved chassis rigidity. Complete package includes 2” x 3” rectangular or 1 5/8” round forward frame rails, front cage struts, rack & pinion mounting cross member strut mount brackets, control arm mount bracket, rack–and-pinion mounts, and complete instructions.


#102010-Front Snout Strut 3”x 2” Frame
#102013-Welded 102010
#102016-Front Snout Strut 1 5/8” Frame
#102019-Welded 102016
#181417- Steering Column

ALSTON manufactures a complete line of accessories for these kits.


This simple conversion cuts 230 lbs. of sprung weight from the front of your car and lets you use the popular adjustable coil-over shocks. We rely on the lighter pinto suspension parts because of the obvious compatibility with the pinto steering, plus the spindles and bearing bosses are stronger than the Vega units Found in other conversions. Spring rates 350 lbs. to 550 lbs. In 50 lb. increments are easier to control. The frame modification makes the chassis stiffer, permits engine relocation and is specifically designed for the do-it-yourselfer and requires no jig welding.


#102011-Front Snout Pinto Suspension 3”x2” Frame Compact
#102014 Welded 1020101
#102012-Front Snout Pinto Suspension 3"X"Frame Intermediate
#102015 Welded 102012
#102017-Front Snout Pinto Suspension 1 5/8” Frame Compact
#02020 Welded 102017
#102018-Front Snout Pinto Susupension 1 5/8” Frame Intermediate
#102021-Welded 102018
#181414-Pinto Lower Control Link (2) #181416 Travel Limiter (A-Arm)
#181418 Steering Column
#181423 Pinto Lower A-Arm (2)
#181424 Pinto Upper A-Arm (2)
#261910 Pinto Ball Joints (2)
#181425 Pinto Deluxe Upper Control Arm (2)

Strange Coil Over Shocks & Springs



Sometimes "stuff happens" and you need make serious repairs to you front end. We now offer a repair kit for the A-Arm Snout, that has upper and lower a-arm brackets, rack and pinion x-member and rack & pinion mounting brackets, gussets, tabs, and blueprints. Part #102022