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The most effective wheelie bars avaialble today. Our bars are 52” long, because shorter bars are far more violent and unpredictable. ALSTON’S double adjustable design allows precise changes in spring rate and bar height providing the right amount of leverage, smooth operation traction with a minimum of tire shock.


Features include a new wheel bracket that is
stronger and lighter than previous models. A unique design, the wheel bracket solves the problem associated with the lower ride heights of today ’s cars by providing greater bumper clearance . These bars also use a new ball bearing castor with urethane instead of rubber for better wear. The new tubular design with simplified mounting makes these wheelie bars very light and strong...plus, a new aluminum adjuster specifically designed for these bars, keeps weight to a minimum.


If you have unsprung wheelie bars, and your car is very violent when it leaves the line, the bars may be causing the rear to unload causing traction loss. This kit is designed to smooth out the action of your existing wheelie bars. The secret is in our calibrated spring that helps absorb some of the initial energy. Kit comes complete with all parts necessary and detailed instructions.


The Wishbone Rear Axle Housing Locator is designed to provide an alternative to the track locator for 4-Link suspensions. It is constructed of 4130 chrome moly tubing, includes hardware and all brackets necessary for installation


FAR STRONGER than our standard Track Locator, this unit has a unique “BOLT-ON” feature. A special threaded clevis, of our own design, replaces the nut on the bolt that attaches the ladder bar to the rear end
and chassis. Left and right hand threaded heim joints allow you to make precise bar adjustments, without the need to remove the locator from the car. The extra smooth operation eliminates any bind from the system while keeping the rear end square in the chassis. Made from 7/8 O.D. X 36”, 4130 chrome moly tubing and heavy duty clevis.


#181311-Bolt-On Track Locator
Use with Pro-Link,Features 5/8” bolts
#181312-Bolt-On Track Locator
Use on any Kit or Sportsman 4-Link with 3/4” bolts
#181371-Bolt-On Track Locator
Use with ALSTON Ladder Bars, Features 5/8” clevis.